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The Surf Web Series FireWire E-Pro Global Final witnessed its first eliminations of men’s competition after stout Round 2 heats concluded and votes cast. Massive upsets littered the round with big threats falling early and surfers making their mark to let it be known they won’t be leaving without a fight.

Figura 1 – Round 2 Official Results

Mexico, July 24, 2021. - Round 2 started with a jaw-dropping finish as former World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) competitor Ian Gouveia noted the first Brasilian elimination. Australia’s Thomas Carvalho submission from the world-class break of Snapper Rocks was enough to overtake South African Josh Redman’s pristine barrel entry from NTH Beach, Durban, and also eliminated Rey Hernandez.

E-Pro Chile Champion Guillermo Satt recovered brilliantly, sweeping first place votes with his Greenbush, Mentawais, dreamer alongside Mexico’s Puerto Escondido talent Angelo Donnanno showcasing a gem from home to help eliminate E-Pro USA Champion Kei Kobayashi and Australia’s Korbin Hutchings in more early upsets.

Figura 2 - Thomas Carvalho, R2H1 Champion - Photo: Danny Morgan - Coolangatta

Runner-up at E-Pro South Africa Shane Sykes reversed the trend of upsets and led the way in Heat 3, joined by fellow runner-up at E-Pro Peru Alonso Correa after a big win in Heat 4 before E-Pro Champions Sebastian Williams (Mexico), Reef Heazlewood (Australia), and Lucca Mesinas (Peru) all took down their respective heats.

Notable Round 2 runner-up performances from Mexico’s Alan Cleland Jr., Portugal’s Neco Pyrrait Japan’s Shohey Kato, USA’s Kade Matson, and Brasil’s Renan Pulga. But early exits weren’t so pleasant for the likes of England’s Stanley Norman, Australia’s Sheldon Simkus, and Portgual’s Ivo Cação.

Figura 3 - Alonso Correa - Spot: Acapulco, Guerreiro

Stay tuned for more from the FireWire E-Pro Global Final with women’s competition beginning July 25 alongside Men’s Round 3 action.


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The FireWire E-Pro Global Final is sponsored by FireWire Surfboads, The Bad Stuff, Cerveja Pacifico Mexico, Yukibrand Wetsuits, Red Bull Chile and the realization is the Surf Web Series in conjunction with the Surf Open League.

Follow and participate in the championship through the @surfwebseries pages and help your favorite surfer by voting. For more information, visit

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