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A brilliant display from all eight surfers in the FireWire E-Pro Global Final Semifinals left judges and fans plenty to vote on. But, in the end there could only be four, two men and two women, advancing into the ultimate Final.

Mexico, August 03, 2021. - The Semifinal showdowns started with E-Pro Champions Lucca Mesinas (Peru) and Dale Staples (South Africa) battling it out for their spot into the Final. Mesinas’ incredible backhand served him another massive heat win with his Talara, Peru, entry and attacking the wave from start to finish for a sweep of first-place votes. However, it was not meant to be an all-Peru Final as Staples’ fellow countryman Shane Sykes delivered a Salt Rock, South Africa, bombing barrel over Tomas Tudela’s desert point runner.

Image 1 – Men’s SF Official Results

Image 2 – Shane Sykes, SF Heat 2 Champion - Photo: @michaelveltmanmedia - Yallingup, Western Australia


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The women’s Semifinals were a different story and an all-Brasilian Final awaits after the clashes unfolded. Laura Raupp’s incredible Campeche Riozinho, Brasil, barrel entry overpowered E-Pro South Africa Champion Sophie Bell for a clean sweep of first-place votes. Raupp’s compatriot Taina Hinckel remains unbeaten with her backhand attack from Guardo do Embau taking down event threat Arena Rodriguez in defining fashion.

Image 3 – Women’s SF Official Results

Image 4 – Tainá Hinckel, SF Heat 2 Champion - Photo: @surfotododia - Guarda do Embaú

Stay tuned for Final voting of the FireWire E-Pro Global Final to determine the Online Surf World Champion.


The FireWire E-Pro Global Final is sponsored by FireWire Surfboads, The Bad Stuff, Cerveja Pacifico Mexico, Yukibrand Wetsuits, Red Bull Chile and the realization is the Surf Web Series in conjunction with the Surf Open League.

Follow and participate in the championship through the @surfwebseries pages and help your favorite surfer by voting. For more information, visit

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