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After nine stages in nine countries around the world in a period of approximately one year, the Surf Web Series arrives at its Final Stop with four top ranked athletes from each country, to define who will lift the Cup of Online World Surf Champion at Firewire E-Pro Final Global.

Figura 1 - Official Event Poster

Mexico, July 21, 2021. - To participate in the competition, athletes must submit their best 7 clips, recorded within a period of up to one year at any beach in the world. In the stages of the 9 countries, only waves filmed in their own country were valid. Four professional judges conduct the judging remotely at their homes, choosing athletes with numbers from 1 to 4, in the case of 4 surfer for heats. No grade from 0 to 10 is applied.

An observation is about the European championship, the SWS E-Pro Europe, which was considered as a region, a country, but we had athletes from some countries there, such as England, France, Spain, Portugal among others. Brazilian surfer Bruno Santo is in the competition as a wild card, representing Japan and his sponsor Yukibrand, also one of the event's sponsors.

Judgment Criteria

The judging criterion, being an online competition, does not take into account the size and quality of the wave, but the performance of the athlete on the wave, taking into account aspects such as speed, power, flow, usually used in competitions, including the WSL.

Figura 2 - Official Competition Judges

Competition Format

The championship is held in a 7 round format with heats of 3 or 4 athletes, with round 2 as the repechage. There are a total of 14 competition days, alternating with voting days and results days. In the end, the choice of champions takes place through a live broadcast with finalist athletes and influential guests.

The public is the fifth judge!

The clips are published on SWS social media - @surfwebseries (instagram and facebook), opening the vote to the public who tag their favorite surfer in the comments, where they are available in a 24 hour period for voting. After that, the votes are counted and I decide who advances and who falls in the competition.


The audiences from all countries interact on the event pages during SWS online competitions. This stage is formed with athletes from 9 countries and we expect a significant increase in public involvement. In the days before the event, the attendance was quite expressive and the expectation is to surpass the previous numbers.


A prize of ten thousand dollars will be given to the winners with gender equality: 5k for men + 5k for women, divided between the top four. In addition to the cash prize and some giveaways, the champion will be awarded a title previously unheard of, the SWS Online World Surf Champion.

See who the classifieds are for this competition:

Figura 3 - List of Registered Athletes

The FireWire E-Pro Global Final is sponsored by FireWire Surfboads, The Bad Stuff, Cerveja Pacifico Mexico, Yukibrand Wetsuits, Red Bull Chile and the realization is the Surf Web Series in conjunction with the Surf Open League.

Follow and participate in the championship through the @surfwebseries pages and help your favorite surfer by voting. For more information, visit



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