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The fourth stop of Surf Web Series (SWS)—the online surfing world championship—E-Pro Japan has taken the world by storm as the country’s top surfers showcase a wide-range of surf breaks in the wave-rich archipelago. An explosive opening round of action kicked off with Kanagawa native Jin Suzuki sticking a huge air reverse getting the unanimous 1st place vote from our professional judging panel. During Heat 3, Tenshi Iwami, who claims his home surf spot to be Shidashita, pig-dogged his way into a dark cavern and was spit out for a unanimous first place finish. Chiba’s Naohisa Ogawa was another stand-out during Heat 8 with clean, top to bottom surfing on a glassy beauty sweeping the panel of all four judges and the fans. 



The top two finishers of the event will be invited to the Surf Web Series world final in 2021, gathering the best of each country in order to crown the first-ever SWS world champion. 

The field has been nailed down to the top 24 moving on to Round 3. 

Official Heat Draw for E-PRO JAPAN - Round 3:

Heat 1: Jin Suzuki, Shuji Nishi, Yuji Nishi, Hyusei Fujita

Heat 2: Shohey Kato, Naohisa Ogawa, Keitaro Fujinuma, Ryota Matsushita

Heat 3: Tenshi Iwami, Taishi Kume, Ryo Miura, Takumi Nkamura

Heat 4: Miyu Furukawa, Haru Morishita, Hironoshin Ando, Keanu Chris Kamiyama

Heat 5: Kyoshiro Suda, Taka Inoue, Momoto Tsuzuki, Yuto Terai

Heat 6: Yukio Ogawa, Kaito Kurokawa, Mitsuki Ohta, Roy Kanazawa

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