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Impressive performances are exceeding expectations in the first-ever 51 Ice E-Pro Brasil—the fifth stop of the Online Surfing World Championship. Event organizer, Evandro Abreu, saw the fruits of his labor when a handful of young up-and-coming surfers made their mark in Round 3 of the Surf Web Series event, as the digital contest continues to showcase the talents of both big names and the future generation of Brazilian surfing.

Coming into the SWS Brazil stop, creators Gary Linden and Gustavo Duccini were anticipating the platform to open opportunities for athletes that didn’t have the means to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. SWS has fulfilled its promise to adapt to the current circumstances to make competitive surfing possible. Additionally, the SWS platform has given the chance to unsponsored surfers to show the world what they’re capable of.

“It’s so cool to see the new generation of surfers in this event,” said 13-year WQS veteran Thiago Camarão during a live interview with the Surf Open League. “It’s great to have digital events like this for our current situation. Normally I travel year-round for the QS contests. This is probably the most time I have spent with my family, so it’s been really great to have this time during the quarantine.”

Round 3 saw experienced competitors Ian Gouveia (Maresias), Samuel Pupo (Maresias), Lucas Silveira (Florianópolis), and Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca (Saquarema) each won their respective heats to advance to the next round. We say goodbye to WCT veteran Heitor Alves (Ceará) and QS stars Weslley Dantas (Ubatuba) and Matheus Navarro (Santa Catarina).

Meanwhile in Nazaré, Portugal, 51 Ice E-Pro Brasil competitor Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca rode what he’s calling “the bomb of his life” while competing in the virtual event. Footage of his XXL ride went viral across social media:

“Thanks to my team for this day that without a doubt will be marked in Nazaré history,” Chianca commented on Instagram. With all the momentum of his big wave pursuits, the fans equally loved his performance in Round 3 Heat 7, a hollow left at Praia da Vila in which he pulls into the barrel and stays covered for some time before a clean exit followed by a back-flip off his board in excitement. Chianca is proving to be made for great entertainment.

Unfortunately, the younger Chianca brother was unable to advance in Round 3 Heat 8, after Caio Costa (Maresias) and Krystian Kymerson (Vitória) both submitted epic right-hand barrels. João Chianca submitted a huge aerial with a clean landing, but the judges gave the nod to Costa for his long and impressive tube ride.


Heat 1: Krystian Kymmerson, Samuel Pupo, Leo Casal, Caio Costa

Heat 2: Jonas Tatuíra, Willian Cardoso, Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca, Eric Bahia

Heat 3: André Luiz, Ian Gouveia, Eduardo Motta, Fabricio Bulhões

Heat 4: Renan Pulga, Thiago Camarão, Lucas Silveira, Luã Silveira

Remember that YOU, THE FANS, are the fifth judge to make the tally of votes push each surfer through to the next round. Your vote is just as important!

All you have to do to support the surfers is: FOLLOW @SURFWEBSERIES, watch the most recent Heats, and VOTE by tagging their @name in the comment section of that video!


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