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The votes are in and the E-Pro Europe has its finalists after nearly two weeks of competition. A clash of event standouts unfolded in the Semifinals with Miguel Blanco, Neco Pyrrait, Miguel Castrillon and Stanley Norman all vying for a spot into the Final. Though a silver lining awaited for those who lost and a trip to the World Championships is in order for all four Semifinalists.

Pyrrait’s trusty backhand did damage once more at his home break of Ericeira against a quick barrel from Castrillon. Castrillon’s barrel-riding performances throughout the event were a highlight but his entry from Taro de Trafalgar wasn’t enough to overtake the powerful backhand combination of the 23-year-old Portuguese competitor this time around.

Miguel Casstrillon - Did not advance to the final, but is guaranteed in the world stage

(Photo: @gorkagurdi)

A showdown took place in Heat 2 as Portugal’s Blanco took on the lone Englishman Norman with both providing barrels of their own. Norman’s quick cover-up to turn combination looked to be a strong contender but Blanco’s El Quemo jaw-dropper had judges voting unanimously for the Portuguese competitor.

An all-Portuguese Final is now set and voting will commence on Saturday, February 27, to determine who takes home the ultimate victory and the E-Pro Europe title.


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