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The FireWire E-Pro Global Final is now just one heat away from determining its maiden Online World Title contenders. The Quarterfinals produced plenty of spectacle and upsets once more on both the men’s and women’s side of competition to narrow their respective fields to just four.

Figura 1 – Women’s/Men’s QF Official Results

Mexico, July 31, 2021. - E-Pro South Africa Champion Sophie Bell left nothing to chance against wildcard threat, Olympian and former Championship Tour competitor Silvana Lima with her entry that won her the South Africa title. Now Bell will have to deal with another Brasilian threat Laura Raupp who took down Japanese competitor Hinako Kurokawa with her Praia de Silveira submission and showcasing her brilliant forehand.

Taina Hinkcel Santos has an opportunity to make an all-Brasilian Final, if Raupp advances, after taking down Japan’s Nanaho Tsuzuki in defining fashion with another Guardo do Embau entry to display her dominant backhand attack. But, Hinckel will have to deal with Peru’s standout threat throughout this event Arena Rodriguez who displayed her own backhand power on a Senoritas, Peru, bomb to advance into the Semifinals.

Figura 2 – Sophie Bell, QFH1 Champion - Photo: Sophia Personal Archive

The men’s competition scorched through Quarterfinal submissions with E-Pro South Africa Runner-Up Shane Sykes taking down E-Pro Chile Champion Guillermo Satt to start the two-man heats. Sykes’ incredible Salt Rock, South Africa, gem was more than enough for a first-place sweep over Satt’s deep, but quick barrel from La Lisera. Peru’s Tomas Tudela never-ending barrel ride at Ica, Peru’s, dreamy lefthander also secured a first-place sweep in Heat 2 and eliminated E-Pro Europe Champion Miguel Blanco.

The iconic wave of J-Bay is at E-Pro South Africa Champion Dale Staples’ disposal and he didn’t disappoint with an incredible variety of power and flow to decimate its perfect wave-face to eliminate an in-form Angelo Donnanno (Mexico). Finally, wildcard sensation Bruno Santos ran out of gas with his Desert Point, Indonesia, entries and it wasn’t to overtake a jaw-dropping backhand power display from E-Pro Peru Champion, and Olympic Quarterfinalist, Lucca Mesinas who moves back into the E-Pro Semifinals.

Figura 3 – Lucca Mesinas, QFH4 Champion - Photo: @isasurfing - El Salvador


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Shane – Salt Rock

Tomas – Ica, Peru neverending barrel ride

Dale – Jbay – powerful manuevers

Lucca – Talara backside hammers

Sophie – Tinley Manor (winning wave)

Laura – Praia de Silveira forehand wraps, finishing strong

Taina – backhand attack at Guardo do Embau continues unbeaten streak

Arena – Senoritas, bombing wave backhand

Stay tuned for more from the FireWire E-Pro Global Final Men’s and Women’s Semifinals.


The FireWire E-Pro Global Final is sponsored by FireWire Surfboads, The Bad Stuff, Cerveja Pacifico Mexico, Yukibrand Wetsuits, Red Bull Chile and the realization is the Surf Web Series in conjunction with the Surf Open League.

Follow and participate in the championship through the @surfwebseries pages and help your favorite surfer by voting. For more information, visit

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