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The Surf Web Series begins its countdown toward the highly anticipated Online World Surf Championship - E-Pro Global Final - to crown the first-ever online World Champion of Surf Web Series. Nine regions will be represented including Australia, Brasil, Chile, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Peru, USA, and South Africa. The top four men from each region join 18 women representing Mexico, Peru, Japan, Brazil and South Africa in a final showdown to see who can deliver more jaw-dropping clips after dominating their respective events.

“Incredible surf footage from across the globe filled the social medias as the pandemic forced many surfers to remain at their home breaks,” said co-creator of the Surf Web Series Gustavo Duccini. “In turn this provided them with plenty of filming opportunities toward the SWS events when their beaches were open. Now we’re seeing the cream of the crop as we prepare for the Online Surf World Championship and we’re all very excited to see what happens.”

World-class athletes await their chance to show what they’ve been up to since their respective events with the opportunity to provide new clips, as well as previously used, in the upcoming final showdown. World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) qualification threat and Red Bull Airborne finalist Reef Heazlewood, Surfboard Empire E-Pro Australia victor, former Qualifying Series (QS) threat Dale Staples, Rip Curl E-Pro South Africa winner, rising talent and Firewire E-Pro USA champ Kei Kobayashi, join the likes of Brasil’s Thiago Camaro, Japan’s Tenshi Iwami, Mexico’s Sebastian Williams, Portugal’s Miguel Blanco, Chile’s Guillermo Satt, and Peru’s Lucca Mesinas as the top acts with their regional E-Pro wins.

The women are led by great surfers, such as brazilian classified for the 2021 olympics, Silvana Lima, Mexico’s QS competitor Shelby Detmers, one of South Africa’s rising phenoms Sophie Bell and one of Japan's revelations athletes, Nanaho Tsuzuki.

Stay tuned for the Online World Surf Championship dates, news, and more at e @surfwebseries.



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