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Surf Web Series (SWS), the online world surfing league created in México, returns for another official stop of the world circuit, where sports stars participate to qualify for the SWS World Championship Final against participating nations. Follow the series that has revolutionized the world of surfing by connecting surfers and their fans through the internet.

Surf Open League and Pacifico Beer (Cerveza ĐEl Pacifico) were born on the shores of the Mexican Pacific and both share a love for the ocean and surf lifestyle, naturally enjoying the simplest things in life in “Modo Pacifico”: moments of tranquility and enjoyment wherever you are, sunsets at sea, and a connection with nature.

With the aim of promoting this lifestyle, Surf Open League presents the “Pacifico E-Pro México”, the fifth stage of the world online surfing circuit Surf Web Series, taking place from November 19 to 29 with the support of La Cerveza Đ El Pacifico, You Rip, GoPro and Selina.

The Surf Web Series began as a response to current challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to connect the top surfers (professionals and amateurs) to the fans and beach enthusiasts. In this innovative online championship, any local surfer can compete from any beach in the country by sending videos of their best performances. These videos are published in a professional competition format on the @SurfWebSeries Instagram in which fans, in a designated period of time, choose the best surfer by commenting on each posted heat.

It is the first professional series that includes public voting in deciding the results, who, together with a panel of four professional judges, decide who advances in the competition, thus generating a high level of engagement and interaction with the audience—a tdemocratic platform for the promotion of talents without geographical or economic barriers, completely “pandemic proof”.

Surf Web Series was created in México in May 2020 by Surf Open League from a unique pilot competition testing out the new format. There, the first SWS champion was crowned from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca—Jafet Ramos.

Foto: Edwin Morales PEC 2018

"These types of events help keep the sport of surfing growing and keeping our lifestyle alive around the sea, connecting with our fellow surfers from all over the country... It felt like competing in a real event, with a very good level of athletes. I was surprised by the promotion they did and growth of my social media networks with fans engagement from all over the world, which today has enabled me to acquire new support to continue my career,” comments Jafet Ramos, champion of the first Surf Web Series event.

After its creation in México, Surf Web Series immediately transformed into a global surf league through the partnership of Surf Open League and Gary Linden, legendary pioneer in surfing and a visionary, sharing the lifestyle on a global level as a promoter of the sport.

“The Pacifico E-Pro México will be our most diverse event to date with men's and women's shortboard divisions, plus a new big wave category for everyone as well! With this event, México secures its place as a pioneer of this new competitive surfing format,” says Gary Linden, one of the first surfboard manufacturers and creator of the Big Wave Tour and co-founder of Surf Web Series.

The Pacifico E-Pro México also has the support of You Rip App, a video and competition app that seeks to enable athletes from different disciplines to achieve visibility through the exposure of their videos (similarly to Surf Web Series), and to personalize their professional profile as a place where fans can sponsor their favorite athletes to help them achieve their dreams. Patrick Swift, CEO of You Rip International, tells us: “Supporting this online league reiterates our commitment to democratize the world of extreme sports and enable known and unknown talents with equal opportunity. Years ago, we started supporting Mexican athletes, like Marcial Monreal, and after the SWS pilot stage that took place in México, we discovered Jafet Ramos who is now a part of our global team of sponsored athletes.”

Around 64 surfers will participate in the next SWS event, featuring 10 days of competition with elimination rounds to become the champion of the Pacifico E-Pro México, the fifth stage of the world online surfing circuit, which has passed through South Africa, Chile, Japan, and most recently Brazil, showcasing the sports‘ greats. After México, SWS will have stops in Australia, Peru, Europe, USA and Hawai‘i, closing the 2020-21 season with the SWS World Final Championship with the top four finalists from each country securing their spots to compete in April of the coming year.

"Already for the 2020-21 season, we have planned a ‘triple crown’ of giant waves as well as more stops in the women's division, in addition to the events already announced through April of 2021. We are very happy with the results, and to confirm ‘why we exist?’ the SWS platform has greatly amplified the possibilities of connection, promotion of surfers and tourism around surfing. For the 2021-22 season, we hope to reach at least double the number of participating countries in the shortboard category, as well as expand to more regions with big wave events and other surfing modalities. Our vision is to promote as many beaches and surfers as possible around the world,” says Gustavo Duccini (pictured), CEO of Surf Open League and co-founder of the Surf Web Series.

GoPro also joins the Pacifico E-Pro México, reinforcing its commitment to action sports, as well as the support of new surfing talents and new competition formats. Cassandra Losak, Sport Marketing at GoPro México tells us: “Participating in the Surf Web Series event reiterates the DNA of GoPro: we were born to accompany all fans, amateurs and sports professionals to record every detail of their movements with the best quality, so that the world can see how wonderful the sport of surfing really is. This new format surprised us with a virtual initiative during difficult times for everyone, ingeniously and strategically uniting sports-lovers with surfers, supporting one another.”

Among the confirmed surfers to compete in the Pacifico E-Pro, we have internationally recognized competitors such as Jhony Corzo, world champion of ISA Surfing in 2017; Ana Laura González, surfer, former Exathlon and influencer; Marcial Monreal, big wave surfer and environmentalist; Jafet Ramos, champion of the first SWS event in the history of online surfing; and additional local talent such as: Jimel Corzo, Sasha Donnano, Leila Takeda, Maya Larripa, Rey Hernández, Sebastian Willians, and Alan Cleland among others.

Foto: ISA World 2017

“It is very interesting to continue competition in which the surfers are full of surprises, and it is super cool to approach the sport through this platform. It’s fun to participate as a fan, too, and to be able to support your favorite surfer. In other countries where I thought I knew the waves very well, I soon discovered incredible beaches and new waves that one day I want to visit,” says the Mexican world champion about his expectations for the event.

“The world stopped but the waves did not,” commented Medugory Moreno, Experience Director of Selina in Mexico and Guatemala, a network of hotels that will join SWS as a partner, connecting the community and beaches through the surf lifestyle. “We seek to continue promoting the passion for surfing by supporting new talents in this sport. By joining Surf Web Series, we see a great opportunity to continue creating meaningful connections around the country through this virtual initiative, which feeds that free spirit that unites us.”

On Thursday, November 19 at 6pm on Surf Open League’s YouTube page, a live opening event ceremony will welcome participating competitors to comment on the opening round of action. On Saturday, November 28, the grand finale of the event will be published on @CervezaPacificoMX Instagram, then the public will have 24 hours to vote for the best surfer. On Sunday, November 29, we will close the event with a live broadcast from Surf Open League’s YouTube page showcasing the best moments from the event, interviews with finalists, and the awards presentation.

For more information about the surfers, digital dynamics for the public and details about the SurfWeb Series, visit: and make sure to follow along on social media: @SurfWebSeries @CervezaPacificoMX @SurfOpenLeague and @GoProMx.

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