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You can find one of the best surf spots in Shikoku! Shikoku Island is Japan’s fourth largest island. It has an exposed SE facing coastline. Is known for its ideal beach conditions, easy access, and surf communities.

The main attraction for surfers in Shikoku are the grinding rivermouths that can pump out world class waves during typhoon season. The facing coastline crosses the Kochi and Tokushima provinces, where the abundant rainfall feeds numerous rivers. When these rivers spill into the sea, they help to form decent sandbanks for the typhoon generated swells to break on, resulting in some grinding righthand rivermouth breaks. There are an average of 20 swells per season. Swells are unpredictable, and last from a few hours to several days.

Shikoku winters are cold followed by hot, sticky summers Spring and summer on the south coast are extremely wet; autumn sees a much drier weather pattern. The water never gets very cold and during the autumn surf season it is at its warmest, never requiring more than a springsuit.

For peak conditions, visit between June and November!

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