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The Puerto Escondido local, Jafet Ramos, won the first online Mexican surfing championship, the Surf Web Series that took place in the last 10 days on the social networks of Surf Open League, organizer of the tournament.

In the grand final against Kevin Meza of Baja California, both the judges and the public voted in favor of the Ramos tube at home, over the Kerrupt a carve of the Baja club.

With a live broadcast that had the director of the Surf Open League, Gustavo Duccini, the judge José Ramírez Rito and the finalists, Meza and Ramos, the event was concluded.

Jafet celebrated the victory, thanked his followers and voters and invited a party to share the trophy (Some tasty Tlayudas).

Thus, purely online, a championship with water in the eyes but not on the skin was considered to have ended, which vibrated live but used archival material, which responds entirely to the so-called new normality.

Final score: 1st: Jafet Ramos 2nd: Kevin Meza 3rd: Marcial Monreal and Rey Hernández 5th: Vicente Trujillo, Sasha Donnanno, Diego Cadena and Dylan Southworth




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