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Cave Rock, Bluff, Durban. A gnarly wave for big balls surfers!"

South Africa is a diverse country, full of different ecosystems among which we can find !

Cave Rock, Bluff, Durban

The Bluff on the southern side of the Durban harbour is a surfing scene far removed from anywhere else. It’s not Durban and it’s not the South Coast… Cave Rock, aka ‘The Rock’ is the mainstay of the scene. It’s a gnarly place - thick, hollow, shallow. It needs a bigger board and even bigger balls. Cave Rock throws some of the biggest barrels around and those who have paid their dues (oh the place can make you pay) are privy to some of the sickest tubes in SA. The submissions from here will have you spitting and frothing, just a little bit like an early winter swell with a light offshore.

(by: Jazz Kuschke, Steve Pike and Craig Jarvis)

Photographs by: Alan Van Gysen



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