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No surf contest can ever run smoothly without the help of judges and officials! Surf Web Series is no different.

However, unlike traditional events we are lucky enough to be able to draw on the experience and expertise of highly qualified judges from across the globe creating a truly international flavour!!

After a very frustrating year, the Surf Web Series platform has enabled Australia’s talent to compete without needing to leave home, and as it happens our judges can do the same and we would like to thank them in advance for all their hard work over the coming 2 weeks of competition in what promises to be a very tight and keenly contested event.

GARY LINDEN (USA @garylinden)

founded the Big Wave World Tour and helped create the Surf Web Series, with experience running surf events in every corner of the globe. He works as head judge for surfing competitions in waves of all sizes and shapes. Now in his 70’s, the Californian surfboard shaper is still surfing XXL waves and loves getting barreled.

FLÁVIO CALDAS @flaviocaldasmello - International judge for the World Surf League since 2005. His most notable events were Code Red Tahiti in 2010,J-Bay 2017, ISA World Junior's in New Zealand, and the WQS China 2020. Flavio has judged a number of SWS events and is sure to be in the reckoning when it comes to our World Championship Finals in April 2021.

TIM JUST (AUS) @justtimjust Has travelled the world as a professional judge and surf coach. Loves to surf whenever he travels and continues to judge major international events in locations like the Maldives (Someone has to do it). He is based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and his very successful coaching and training business continues to grow the sport of surfing and pump out champions.

FERNANDO LOPEZ (Mex) @lopez_surf - Has been judging for over 15 years, starting out at national ISA, ASP and WSL contests as part of the wsl crew when they travelled to Mexico. He is also a SOL panel judge .

He has judged on the Quiksilver pro in Pto Escondido, Vans surf open Acapulco Qs 1000 , and on the Big Wave Tour panel with Gary Linden. He judges on every WSL contest that goes to Mexico. Lived on Oahu ,Maui and Kauai traveling for 20 years and is now back home in Mexico learning and working with local pro's.

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