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Eland’s Bay an epic spot for riders

Eland’s Bay, Cape West Coast

By Craig Jarvis

South Africa is not really known for its left hand points, however the few that do get ridden, are epic. Eland’s Bay is undoubtedly the queen left of the coast. Found some three hours north of Cape

Town on the Cape West Coast it is the perfect rural wave setup. Indeed, the finest left-hand point break south of the Orange River.

E-Bay really turns on when a big west swell is whipped clean by the Cape doctor (south easter), which is not that common in winter. It’s cold (4/3s, boots and hoods are the norm) and the paddle can be hard work. It also tends to get crowded when it’s on, so when you do get a gem among the crowd you can’t blow it. Cape-based goofyfooters such as Jordy Maree know when to go and often sneak a less crowded midweek strike mission. Look out for long waves and detailed rail work from him and some of the other Cape Town crew.

Photographs by: Alan Van Gysen

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