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Surf Open League has confirmed the athlete list for the next event in the Surf Web Series (SWS)—an online world tour comprising of twelve contests—making its way to the Land of the Rising Sun on September 14, 2020. The highly anticipated E-Pro Japan introduces the great waves on offer in the Asian archipelago, in addition to the sport’s top talent with 24 professional surfers and 4 ameatur wildcards in the draw. Confirmed athletes going to battle on the internet for the national title include: Takumi Nakamura, Naohisa Ogawa, Taka Inoue, Yuji Mori, and Momoto Tsuzuki (full competitor list below). The #EProJapan is made possible by support from our sponsors: YUKIBRAND, CORE N’ CODE, and CUCULE.

#EProJapan - Round 1 Official Heat Draw:

Heat 1: Ryota Matsushita, Jin Suzuki, Taishi Kume

Heat 2: Roy Kanazawa, Haru Morishita, Shohei Kato

Heat 3: Keanu Chris Kamiyama, Tenshi Iwami, Taka Inoue

Heat 4: Takumi Nakamura, Miyu Furukawa, Kaito Kurokawa

Heat 5: Yuji Nishi, Yuto Terai, Kyoshiro Suda, Yuki Ota

Heat 6: Yukio Ogawa, Momoto Tsuzuki, Mitsuki Ota, Keitaro Fujinuma

Heat 7: Shuji Nishi, Ryo Miura, Hyusei Fujita, Dan Kakai

Heat 8: Naohisa Ogawa, Yuji Mori, Hironoshin Ando, Atsuya Nishizeko

To watch all the action don't forget to follow @SurfWebSeries Instagram!

The #EProJapan is made possible thanks to our sponsors:

YUKIBRAND--born in Japan and raised between the Asian islands, sharing with the world the experience of riding in a 100% Japanese custom-made wetsuit.

CORE N’ CODE--a company that manages all the necessary elements required in the training of athletes, connecting you directly to high performance.

CUCULE--fitness initialize.

SURF OPEN LEAGUE--a global platform promoting the surf industry through a series of professional surfing championship events and festivals worldwide.


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