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E-Pro Chile Kicks Off Intense Round 1 for the Third Stop of the Surf Web Series

Surf Web Series attacks again with the third stop of the online surfing world championship contest. This time, it’s Chile’s turn to showcase their best beaches and surfers to lay out their excellent techniques and skills at surfing. The E-Pro Chile is presented by the Surf Open League and supported by ChileSurf, SPY Optics, and the Hotel Alaia in Punta de Lobos.

The 8 heats were published on the social networks of Surf Web Series (@SurfWebSeries) and Surf Open League (@SurfOpenLeague). In these publications the public will have 24 hours to vote for their favorite surfer. This vote along with that of the judges will determine which competitors will advance to the next round for the opportunity to show their best clips.

Among the surfers that will be able to observe during the competition we find: Guillermo Satt, Cristian Merello, Tomás Bock, Camilo Hernandez, Nico Ramos, Vicente Diaz, Nicolas Diaz, y Noel and Leon de la Torre. With a thousand dollars at stake, in addition to prizes from Spy and the Hotel Alaia in Punta de Lobos. The Chilean stop invites the best surfers to compete for the national title.

Surf Web Series was born in response to the challenges that these times have put into play. It is a proposal for a different way of doing competitions that promote the talent of surfers around the world without the need to travel thanks to the fact that they can send their videos from the safety of their homes.

So far there are 12 internationally confirmed Surf Web Series competitions.

To stay on top of all the action, don't forget to follow @SurfWebSeries!

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