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As one of its dominant sports in terms of participants and fanbase, the passionate country of Brazil anxiously awaits opening day of the South American stop of Surf Web Series (SWS)—the online surfing world championship. Only Brazilian surfers residing in the country will be able to compete in Curta + Floripa presents 51 Ice E Pro Brasil 2020, an event that takes place between October 26th and November 6th. The competition will crown a Brazilian champion virtually, for the first time in the history of ABRASP (the Brazilian Association of Professional Surfing).

The highest paid prize purse among the South American stops of the 2020 SWS season. The top finisher will receive R$5,250.00 in prize money, and the top four finalists will be given a chance to dispute the unprecedented title of world champion of the Surf Web Series (SWS) season. The SWS World Championship final event will be carried out in March 2021, consisting of the top four athletes from each regional circuit representing their respective countries.

Florianópolis local Lucas Silveira is ready to battle for the Brazilian national title. Photo: Bruno Zanin /

Participating in Curta + Floripa presents 51 Ice E-Pro Brasil 2020 will be a unique experience for many athletes:

“It comes with a different kind of expectation,” declared Lucas Silveira (pictured above), the 2016 WSL Pro Junior world champion. “The images that were sent to the virtual championship have already happened, so there is no pressure to have a good performance as happens in traditional championships. Yet, the challenge is no one knows who the opponents are until the last minute, or what kind of waves they are going to submit for each heat.”

The deadline for competitor registration ends next Sunday, October 11th. For many athletes and managers, being a part of this first edition of the world circuit held by SWS will be a historic moment for national surfing.

“There are only a few days until the end of registration, and it’s sure to be a unique event, because for the first time we will have a virtual champion in Brazil. Now we are receiving the first swell of the spring, and it will be an excellent opportunity for athletes to film the seven waves the need to participate in the championship,” revealed Pedro Falcão, Executive Director of ABRASP.

Event registrations can be made through the Fecasurf office (Catarinense Surf Federation) in the amount of R$200.00. Surfers must make a deposit in the account of Fecasurf, and send the payment receipt to the email

The Brazilian stage of the Surf Web Series will close another edition of Curta + Floripa 2020, an ongoing activation to support the practice of various sports in all districts of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina during the summer season. The 2020 project would have completed in March during the stage of the Circuit Santa Catarina and Brazilian Professional Surfing at Joaquina beach. However, the country’s increasingly severe Covid-19 pandemic forced the organizers to suspend all events that would be held in the state during that period.

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